Membre collaborateur
Naveen Eluru
University of Central Florida, Department of Civil, Environmental and Construction Engineering
University of Central Florida  
407 823-4815
Dernières publications
Anowar S., Yasmin S., Eluru Naveen, Miranda-Moreno Luis F., Analysis of vehicle ownership evolution in Montreal, Canada using pseudo panel analysis, Transportation, vol. 43(3), pp. 531-548, 2016

Anowar S., Eluru Naveen, Miranda-Moreno Luis F., A joint econometric analysis of temporal and spatial flexibility of activities, vehicle type choice and primary driver selection, Journal of Transportation Research Records, vol. 2495, pp. 32-41, 2015

Legrain A.K., Eluru Naveen, El-Geneidy Ahmed M., Am stressed, must travel: The relationship between mode choice and commuting stress, Transportation Research Part F: Traffic Psychology and Behaviour, vol. 34, pp. 141-151, 2015

Sider T., Hatzopoulou Marianne, Eluru Naveen, Goulet-Langlois G., Manaugh Kevin, Smog and socio-economics: An evaluation of equity in traffic-related air pollution generation and exposure, Environment & Planning B - Planning and Design, vol. 42(5), pp. 870-887, 2015

Born K., Yasmin S., You D., Eluru Naveen, Bhat C.R., Pendyala R., A joint model of weekend discretionary activity participation and episode duration, Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, vol. 2413(2), pp. 34-44, 2014

Sikder S., Augustin B., Pinjari A., Eluru Naveen, Spatial transferability of tour-based time-of-day choice models: An empirical assessment, Transportation Research Record, 2429, 99-109, 2014

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